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Welcome to the Granite Hills High School Aquatics website, where we hope to provide you with information regarding everything "wet and wild". Please stop by often, we will try to keep everything up to date so that you may enjoy your athlete's experience as much as they do. This site should provide you with timely information that you might not otherwise receive because it lies at the bottom of the backpack!
2015 Swim Season
The 2015 GHHS swim season is now in "full-swing" and we are excited about the possibilities for this team! We have about 60 swimmers involved in the program this year and we are looking forward to some really fast times!

Upcoming Events
April 28 - GHHS vs. Valley View @ AVAC
May 7 - DSL Championships - varsity only
TBA - CIF (varsity qualifiers)

Swim Meet "Basics"
If you are new to swimming as a sporting event the actual format of a meet is much different than most sporting events you may have participated in. It can be confusing as you have events that you swim in but then you have some "down time" where you are actually the cheerleader or fan of your teammates. The following "basics" should help you fully enjoy a meet and compete at your best. 

1. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure time for invitational meets (to load bags, get seated, etc.).

2. Pack plenty of water/sports drinks, healthy, high protein & complex carb snacks (fresh fruit, protein bars, granola bars, PB sandwiches, nuts, jerky, etc.).

3. Eat a healthy breakfast.

4. Pack a towel, or two if you have room in case it doesn’t dry, team cap, goggles, sunscreen, lip balm, and sunglasses.

5. Double check to make sure your team suit is packed. (You know what… just make sure it’s dry after each meet and leave it in your bag.)

6. Pack something comfortable to sit on such as a blanket or a chair (You have to carry it, so ensure it is easy to carry).

7. Pack something to entertain yourself during down time: headphone, book, magazine, games, etc.

8. Have spending money for dinner after the meet.

9. You are responsible for checking your postings for your event number, heat, and lane. DO NOT MISS YOUR EVENTS!!!!!

10. Come with a great attitude and be sure to cheer on your team!

Getting Information
All parents and swimmer's should sign up for Coach Joanne's Remind. Text 81010 as the phone number and type @jvswim15 to join.

Check the Granite Hills High School Aquatics Facebook page on a daily basis.

Listen for information from your coaches and captains.

Swim Parkas
If you are interested in purchasing your own personal swim parka we will be gathering information and seeing if there is interest in placing an order. Our former supplier is no longer handling them for us but a new representative has contacted us and indicated that they have all of our information and can provide the same parkas as we have been ordering. If you are interested you may reach him at his website. The website is Prices will depend on what exactly you order (extra length, lettering) but you can figure on $90 to $125 as a cost depending on the options you choose. Here is some additional contact information:

The Swim Guy - Michael Eisenberg

H & H Jobbing Inc

Work:  310 452-2221

Cell:     310 560-3167

Student Athletes
The coaches feel very strongly that our student/athletes are students first and athletes second. If not, we would call them athlete/students. If your student is falling behind on school work please have them inform the coaches that they need to miss a practice to catch up on studies or attend tutoring or do whatever they need to be successful students. The time demands for most of our aquatics kids is incredible, they seem to be the group that does everything on campus. There will be no penalty imposed for missing an occasional practice for responsible academic behavior. The reality is, none of our students will probably make a living playing water polo (though we'd love to be proved wrong!), they need a good education to provide for themselves in the future. We appreciate that they would never think of abusing this policy! :)

Friend us on Facebook
If you are active on Facebook, please join the Granite Hills Aquatics page. We try to keep everyone up to date as many ways as possible. Facebook gives us another way to reach out to you and keep you up to date on everything going on. It's probably the best way for our alumni to stay in touch as well.

Upcoming Booster Sponsored Events
5/8/15: Nicole Lyle Scholarship Applications due by 2:30 to Mrs. Salisbury

Granite Hills High School Aquatics Boosters
The GHHS Aquatics Booster Club is a group of parents committed to ensuring the Aquatics program continues to thrive for now and into the future at Granite Hills. This organization is open to every parent/guardian of an athlete participating in an aquatics program. There are no membership fees or requirements other than a willingness to due whatever you are able to for the good of the programs. 

The Booster Club organizes fundraising activities such as Applebee's Flapjack Fundraisers, Panda Express' "One Night Only", and "Friends & Family" letters to benefit all programs. The money raised is used to purchase items requested by coaches for the various programs. Without our help, many of these necessary items could not be afforded and our athletes would need to do without. 

The Booster Club also oversees the Nicole Lyle Scholarship fund. Each year a committee evaluates applications and distributes the awards to qualifying Seniors. Consideration is given to participation in the fundraising activities (car washes) as well as aquatic seasons.

We invite all to come a join the fun! Check out the Upcoming Events section of the website for our next meeting time and location. We NEED you!

PTSO Membership
If you haven't done so already, the Aquatics Boosters would like to encourage all Aquatics parents to become members of the Parent Teacher Student Organization at Granite Hills. Your $5.00 membership dues go a long way toward promoting events at Granite Hills and they could use our support. One of our own, Zayra Hall, works closely with the PTSO and shamelessly promotes GHHS aquatics programs and helps many of our student athletes. If you need to contact her for more information you may reach her at . She will be more than happy to fill you in on the happenings of the PTSO and let you know how to join. You do not need to be an extremely active member if you don't wish to be, but they could use your financial support.

Nicole Lyle Scholarship
Nicole Lyle was a student and aquatic athlete at Granite Hills who tragically died very unexpectedly during her Senior year. A scholarship has been established in her memory which is awarded each year to qualified Senior applicants. Your athlete will be asked to participate in car washes about two times in a given school year. These car washes fund the scholarships which your student may apply for during their Senior year. All monies raised are awarded to qualified student athletes if they have participated in 4 seasons of aquatics in their 4 years at Granite Hills High School. Please watch for updates in Upcoming Events.

*** Scholarship applications will be available from Mrs. Salisbury sometime toward the beginning of April and will be due on May 8th by 2:30 in Mrs. Salisbury's office. 

ASB Cards
If you have not done so already, please consider purchasing your athlete an ASB card. ASB pays for much of our transportation costs and meet fees as well as many other needs. If your athlete participates in multiple sports you only need to buy one ASB card, not one for each sport. You do not have to buy an ASB card to participate in the aquatics program, but if you choose not to and your athlete earns an athletic letter they will need to purchase the letter separately from the ASB office ($20), it will not be given to your athlete at the banquet.

Parent Pickup from a Meet/Game
If you are planning to pick up your athlete from a meet or game you must get prior permission from the Athletic Office at Granite Hills. A note must be sent with your student the at least 24 hours before the meet or game in question. The Athletic Office will approve the note, take a photocopy and give the photocopy to the coach. The parent requesting the pickup must be the one to sign out with the coach at the meet or game. Coaches are to check the signatures to make sure they match. Coaches have no leeway in this procedure and may not override. If there is no pre-approved note, your athlete must ride the bus home, no exceptions. This is for the safety of all athletes.

For your convenience we have included a form under the "Water Polo Packet and Forms" link in the left hand sidebar. You may also use the following link to get to it:  Parent Pickup Form. Just download the form, complete it and have your student take it to the athletic office for approval. 

Admission to Aquatics Events
Please be aware that the school charges admission to aquatics events. This helps pay for officials for the games and meets. The current cost for adults is $3.00. The current cost for children is $2.00. If you have an ASB card it's FREE!

Do you have an idea to improve the website or noticed that maybe we missed something? Drop us an email and we'll see what we can do to add the information.